Society for new materials and technology

The Society for new materials and technologiy, founded in 1993, aims to develop members' creative skills and expertise to meet their professional and social needs, to support the development of science and technology, including their application in production practice.

Since 1993, SNMT has been a member of the Federation of European Material Societies (FEMS).

It is a non-profit association that covers European material scientists and engineers in various fields of activity, including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, glass, nano- and biomaterials. FEMS currently brings together 27 material companies from 22 European countries with more than 25,000 members across Europe.

The goals of the association are:

- to promote the dissemination of scientific, technical and other material-related knowledge.

- to facilitate communication and exchange of information between its members.

- to coordinate the activities of member companies in order to make optimal use of resources.

- to ensure optimal visibility of material science and engineering in governmental and non-governmental organizations, in the economy and in academia.

- contribute to developing links and cooperation between the academy, educational institutions and industry.

Activity of FEMS is provided by the Executive Committee, which consists of 5 elected members from each national company. All companies participate in the General Assembly, which is held annually during the EUROMAT conferences.

Partners and collective members of SNMT Slovakia


Our Offer

Advantages of membership

Individual membership can be obtained by every Slovak citizen or citizen of another nationality after reaching the age of 18. Collective membership can be obtained by any legal entity operating in the Slovak Republic.


  • Support for students (internships at home and abroad, subsidized competitions, etc.)
  • Discounted admission to seminars / conferences / exhibitions organized in cooperation with SNMT
  • The possibility of advertising the results / production of events organized by SNMT respectively. FEMS
  • Possibility of active publication activity and promotion of own results / products in professional and information magazines with which SNMT cooperates or in the FEMS bulletin in Euromaterials
  • Favorable access to material and other databases and publications
  • Active in FEMS and SNMT
  • Information from home and abroad on the development of individual fields

Members' rights

  • Use the information, counseling, expertise and other services provided by SNMT
  • Be aware of all SNMT activities
  • Make suggestions and vote on proposals submitted by other members
  • Vote and be elected to all company bodies
  • Utilize member benefits
  • Participate in all forms of SNMT activities

Obligations of members

  • Pay the membership fee properly, on time and in full
  • Defending the interests and mission of the company
  • Properly perform entrusted functions and tasks
  • Observe the Company's Statutes

SNMT Membership fees

Annual fees

Individual membership - €10
Collective membership (valid, if more than 3 employees are registered) - 
€8/member                  Individual membership (student, emeritus) - €5


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